biafra Free State Coins

Biafra Free State
Sovereignty Commemorative
Coins Issue 2012

Biafra Free State Coin 2012


Coin Design:
The Biafra Coin Reverse portrays the Commemoration of the establishing of the Bank of Biafra and of its Declaration of Independence. On one side it is depicted the National Biafra Coat of Arms and on the other face it depicts a Leopard.

Coin Edge:  Clean edge

Year of Issue: 2012


Value: 25 Biafra Shillings

Mass:  20g

Diameter:  28.5 mm

Thickness:  2.2 mm

Designer: Africa Federation Central Bank

Issued as commemorative coin

Coins Proof Quality
Outer ring Metal: 24 kt gold-plated bronze
Centre Metal: Cupro-Nickel 70/30



eBay Forgeries

It is estimated that about a quarter of all ancient coins and about two-thirds of all antiquities sold on eBay are modern forgeries.
In March 2008, Professional Coin Grading Service issued an alert noting counterfeit PCGS slabs and various United States and Chinese coins originating from People's Republic of China being sold on eBay. eBay profiteers from Fake and Counterfeit Coins, so do yourself a favour and do not buy coins on eBay.

How to Avoid Coin Fraud on eBay

IN A NUTSHELL: The biggest venue in the world for coin fraud today is eBay, where coin fraud is common. Because eBay provides minimal protection against numismatic and other fraud and because it's so easy to scam others on eBay, it's safest to buy only from sellers you know or who are recommended to you by reputable sources.




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